SilverStripe Help


This guide is intended for editors and adminstrators using who create and manage content on SilverStripe CMS websites.

Managing Your Website


Introducing the CMS admin area.

Logging in

Logging into your website and recovering your password.


Changing your details

How to change your details and password


Working With Pages

Creating new pages

How to add a new page and understand page types.

Reordering pages

How to change the order in which pages appear on your website.


Unpublishing pages

Removing pages from the live website without deleting the draft content.


Archiving pages

Removing pages from the website completely.


Hiding a page

Hide a page so that it doesn't appear in the website navigation menus.

Page history

Viewing the history, comparing changes and rolling back to old page versions.


Editing multiple pages

Performing actions on multiple pages at once.

Editing Content

Previewing changes

Creating drafts and previewing changes before going live.


Formatting Content

How to use the formatting tools in the content field


Creating links

Linking to web pages, websites and emails.


Adding Downloads

Uploading and linking documents from your content.

Inserting images

Inserting and resizing images in your content.


Embedding Video

Adding video into your content.

Modular Content

What modular content is and how to work with it.