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Embedding Video

To embed video into a page you must first upload the video to a media sharing site such as YouTube or Vimeo, you cannot upload video directly into the content management system.

Once you have uploaded your video, you need to get the sharing URL. This will vary depending on which video site you are using, for the above examples the processes are:


  • Click Share below the video and copy the URL it shows, the format will be something like
  • To stop the video showing links to other videos at the end, add ?rel=0 after the share URL e.g.


  • Click Share below the video and copy the URL it shows under Link, the format will be something like

Inserting the Video

To insert the video, position the text cursor where you wish to insert the top of the video. Click the Insert Media button, then from the tabs in the popup select From the web.


You can now enter or paste the share URL from the steps above into the Add URL box, then click the Add URL button. 

If everything is correct, the video details will appear under Details & dimensions and you can then click Insert to add the video to the page.