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Editing pages

To edit a page, go to the Pages tab then click on the page you would like to edit. For a standard content page, you can edit the following fields:

  • Page name: Usually appears at the top of the page, above the content.
  • URL Segment: The website address for the page
  • Navigation Label: How the page is labelled in the website navigation menu, often the same as the page name
  • Content: The main content for the page, can include formatted text, images, links, lists etc.
  • Metadata: Hidden in a panel at the bottom of the interface, the content of these fields doesn't appear on the page, but are used by search engines.

Editing Page Content

To edit your page, simply make your required changes in the available fields and click Save Draft to preview the changes or Save & Publish to go live.

Content Tabs

Different page types can have additional options for specific features, these additional boxes may be located under different content tabs at the top left.

Content Tabs

Click on a tab to view the available options, as with the standard page content you can edit the fields and either Save Draft or Save & Publish.