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Formatting Content

The content area is usually the main body of a web page, and comes with an important warning:

Never, ever, paste formatted content in directly from a word processor. 

Word processor text contains formatting commands that the rich text editor will recognise and preserve but you won’t be able to edit, leading to all sorts of presentation anomalies.

How to safely copy content into your website

  • Save the content as plain text using the “Save As...” option and then copy and paste it in.
  • Type it straight into the rich text editor
  • Use the “Paste from Word” icon (see button reference below), be warned this isn’t 100% reliable
  • Mac users – use "Paste and Match Style" from the Edit menu

Button Reference


Paragraph / Heading Selection

Lets you format the current block of text as a heading or standard paragraph text. If you change this to a heading and it changes far more than you expected, chances are the text is separated by line breaks instead of carriage returns. Just delete the space between the text blocks, press return to put the space back in and try again.

Formatting tip:


Choose from bulleted or numbered, you can either highlight text and click a list button to convert it, or click the list button before you start typing.

Bold / Italic / Superscript / Subscript

Highlight the desired text to apply the formatting to then click the relevant button.

Link / Unlink / Anchor

You can use these options to create different types of links, click the type of link you want to create to view details:

Insert Media

This allows inserting images and other media, click an option below for details:

Paste from Word

This is designed to reduce problems with text from word processors by removing unwanted formatting where possible. However, best approach to copying text is to only ever paste in plain text and then do your formatting within the editor. Clicking this icon will show a popup window, paste in text using CTRL+V (or CMD+V for Mac) then click “Insert” to put your safer-than-before text into the editor.

Undo / Redo

Do exactly what they say.


Allows you to edit the code behind the formatted content. Note that content is cleaned up when you save the page and certain tags aren't allowed by default for security reasons (e.g. script). 

Note: Changes to the content area are not saved until you click Save and Publish or Save Draft.