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Modular Content

Modular content has a set format and can have multiple items, each with one or more fields. Simply add items and fill in the required fields, the website automatically controls the design and layout for you.

For example, modular content might be a gallery might with multiple images, each with a caption. Or it could be a directory of office locations, or customer testimonials.


Adding, Editing and Deleting Items



  • To add a new item, click the Add button at the top, then just fill in the required fields and click Save
  • To edit an item, click on it in the list and then edit the fields as required, then click Save
  • To delete an item, click on the red x or the chain link with minus sign (which one you have depends on your website) then click OK to approve the deletion

Reorganising Items


To change the order of items, you can drag them into position by using the 6 dots icon to the left of the row. Changes are saved instantly, no need to click Save.